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Today’ s free limited download comes from Jalisco Mexico,

Joules Alexander impress his disco vintage noises and deeper emotions  to create this marvelous production. You really ought to check it out as long as you are Nu Disco Lover.

Remember Noy only is it important to listen but also supporting your local artists.

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Joules Alexander

V.A Data Stream

Keep Deeping ✈ ♫ ♥ ♪

VA - Keep Deeping Vol.1 is due to be released on 15th April. A delightful selection of 8 tracks compiled throughout 2012. Here you can listen to this amazing teasers before the release date.

01 - Le Dirty - My Room (Dirty Room Mix)

02 - Hiroshi Wave -Music Keep In Dancing (Original Mix)

03 - Joules Alexander - Deep Vibes of Winter (Original Mix)

04 - Rafa Pradel - Burn (Original Mix)

05 - Yes Please - Trip on the Dance Floor (Original Mix)

06 - Artyo - In Your Soul (Original Mix)

07 - Sherr - Hours (Original Mix)

08 - Balam - Love Song (Original Mix)

Keep Deeping ✈ ♫ ♥ ♪

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